Living Up To Your Potential

Are you living up to your health potential?  From a wellness perspective, are you really optimizing your innate ability to be well?  I mean, with the near limitless power of your body to heal, are you loving life of just living with it?

As humans we’re not built to be chronically ill.  In fact, Humans, in the their artificial environments, with artificial chemicals, living a life of convenience, are the only animals on the planet that seem to suffer from the chronic illnesses the way we do.  No other animal, save perhaps dogs and cats also living in an artificial human environment, lives with the chronic longstanding illnesses we do.

Why then, do we just assume that becoming decrepit and broken as we age is just normal?  We’re told “it’s normal for your age” or “it runs in our family” yet we forget how we’ve been trained.  We ignore that we are bombarded by fast food ads, spend hours a day sitting, and turned to chemical fixes to alleviate the symptoms of our accumulated diseases.

Is that how you picture your golden years?  Has your dream always been to start out the day with a handful of pills, get little to no exercise because you have too much pain, and then hook yourself up to tubes and machines just to be able to sleep at night.  For many, this is a reality they live with every day.

Unfortunately, many have had their hope taken from them.  They’ve been told that they cant heal.  They’ve been told to “just live with it.”  Well I say that’s unacceptable.  In dealing with patients for over 15 years in my chiropractic practice I’ve seen hundreds of patients who’ve basically just given up on ever being well. Why?  because they’ve been told it can’t be done.  They’ve had their hope taken from them.

You are an amazing being with limitless healing potential.  Occasionally, the body needs help to move back toward health but what it needs more is the removal of any obstruction to the healing process.  There really aren’t very many examples of diseases or conditions that don’t have a miraculous recovery.  Your body will heal as long as you’re given adequate fuel and proper maintenance.  The question is, what are you doing, or not doing to maximize your health potential?


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